Everything You Need To Know About Pyrokinesis

What is Pyrokinesis?

Pyrokinesis is a powerful kinetic ability that allows users to manipulate fire. You’ve probably seen it displayed in a lot of popular TV shows and movies. Pop culture doesn’t do this power justice though; it often displays it in an unrealistic manner and misrepresents its true capabilities. So that begs the questions, what is Pyrokinesis actually? Is it real and if so can we learn it? All of those questions and more will be answered in this article so get ready to learn all about this intriguing ability.


Pyrokinesis Definition

Let’s start off with establishing a basic pyrokinesis definition. As stated pyrokinesis is the ability to manipulate fire; but what does that truly mean? Well to start it means a user has the ability to not only manipulate existing flames but also create flames and generate heat from the palm of their hand. You might’ve seen this ability be called agnikinesis or fire bending in the media however, the technical term is pyrokinesis. Now you’re probably wondering if pyrokinesis is actually real. It isn’t a common sight in everyday life and movies and television fictionalize it to the point it seems impossible for a normal human to be able to learn such an ability. Personally, I definitely believe in the existence of pyrokinesis among other kinetic abilities. There’s a lot of proof out there if you do a bit of research but moving past that, assuming this ability is real let’s have a look at some of the capabilities.

Pyrokinesis Capabilities

As stated, pyrokinesis allows a user to manipulate and generate fire from the palm of their hand. That’s a very broad statement though, there’s a lot of subtle intricacies involved in the use of this power. First of all is the speed at which the power can be used. This heavily depends on the experience of a user however, even the most experienced pyrokinesis master can’t generate fire at will. In order to use this ability at all a person must get their mind into a meditative state. They need to be able to focus all their energy into the task at hand. With a lot of practice this can be done in minutes. It’s a lot easier to manipulate an existing flame then to generate fire from scratch though. A master of this ability can begin to move existing flames in seconds, allowing them to utilize the full range of capabilities given by this ability.

Moving on from that limitation though let’s actually get into the capabilities of pyrokinesis of which we’ll mainly discuss capabilities that can be used in everyday life. First of all is heating liquids, a pyrokinesis user can heat liquid in all forms but the easiest is water. This is useful due to the amount of water we come across in everyday life. I’m not just talking about the water we drink and bathe with but also the water in blood, foods etc. This capability can make life a whole lot easier, you can warm up your coffee that’s been sitting around too long or even disregard the need to use a kettle if you have the time and patience to get that good at using the ability. As I said before creating a flame from scratch is difficult and takes time which makes using pyrokinesis in self-defense almost impossible. However, an experienced user could raise the body temperature of an attacker causing them to faint. To reach the true extent of this capability though a user should look into learning the fundamentals of hydrokinesis (the ability to manipulate water).

Another capability of this power is one that a lot of people don’t seem to think of or they just disregard it. Pyrokinesis isn’t just a destructive ability, manipulating flames means a user can contain a flame and put it out. If you look up pyrokinesis on YouTube you’ll see a lot of videos of people manipulating a candle flame. They’ll move it around and some eventually put it out by smothering it without actually touching it. These videos may be fake but they do showcase a fundamental everyday application of pyrokinesis which is containing fires. In theory a master of this ability could aid with containing forest fires by forcing them back limiting their progression until they eventually die out.

The last capability is the biggest and the one most people think of when they think pyrokinesis and that is manipulating flames aggressively. A user could grab a candle flame and throw it at an aggressor for example. This is why you’ll see a lot of masters of pyrokinesis will keep live flames around the house just in case they’re needed. A flame from a candle could also be grabbed and held on ones palm then used to cook food or melt something. This is a risky way of using this ability though, it can result in serious injuries if focus is lost.

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Hopefully this article has given you a good idea of what you’re getting into if you’re thinking about learning pyrokinesis. It’s a risky ability to learn as fire is a naturally destructive element but if you can master it; you hold an extremely powerful ability. if you’re interested in learning more about pyrokinesis take a look at some of our other articles. We also offer an eBook that teaches the basics to learning this power for anybody that wants to attempt it.

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