Is Pyrokinesis Real?

There’s obviously a lot of bias here when it comes to answering the question is pyrokinesis real. This is a website about pyrokinesis so obviously it would make sense for the authors to believe in the ability. That is true but going into this article I’ll try to be as impartial as possible. It’s a difficult question to answer and it’s heavily opinionated depending on your stance on psychic powers. But lets try to get to the bottom of this and answer the question is pyrokinesis real?

I could go over a lot of YouTube videos in this article and discuss the plausibility of each but I won’t. Even if some are real it’s simply too difficult to prove it. It’s so easy to fake content nowadays; video proof of psychic abilities can’t be taken too seriously and it definitely can’t be used as a definitive method to prove their existence. Instead I want to look at the science behind it. Many of your would have heard of James Randi’s million dollar challenge. For those who haven’t, this man offered a million dollars to anyone who could show genuine proof they had a psychic ability but nobody has ever claimed it. Some argue this as proof psychic abilities don’t exist whereas people on the other side of the fence will claim people that genuinely hold these abilities don’t want to be exposed on television. Both arguments are reasonable but that still doesn’t help us answer the question.

Something that does help answer the question though is a science experiment that was conducted back in 2014 that I’ll link here. This experiment essentially proved that telepathy is possible. As you’d know telepathy is another psychic power so making some assumptions it’s fair to say if we’ve discovered that some forms of telepathy are possible then who knows what else is. There’s a lot of videos and articles out there about pyrokinesis and people using it that I among many others believe have a lot of truth to them. So although I may be bias, I can definitely say there’s definitely not enough proof out there to disprove pyrokinesis and my experience in learning this ability suggests to me at least that pyrokinesis is real and can be mastered.

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