Pyrokinesis Training For Beginners

Whether you’ve just read our post on everything you need to know about pyrokinesis or you’re just starting to learn about this ability and are looking to master it, here’s the place to start. In this article I’ll go over the first steps that need to be taken in order to learn pyrokinesis. After reading this you won’t be generating a flame out of the palm of your hand or smothering a candle just by closing your fist. Even though these uses of the ability seem basic, they’re actually quite advanced and require some intermediate knowledge. This is truly just pyrokinesis training for beginners, we’ll go over how to properly focus your mind which will allow you to delve deeper into this ability and maybe even eventually master it. Without further ado though let’s get into some of the training.

Pyrokinesis Training Method #1 – Focus/Meditation

If you’re interested in mastering multiple psychic abilities get used to this word, meditation. You’ll be hearing it a lot going forward and for good reason. Before you can even consider moving a flame you’ve got to be able to enter a meditative state. Fire isn’t something to be taken lightly, it’s not a joke or a party trick. If you lose focus whilst using this ability it can result in serious burns to yourself or others. So get that into your mind for starters, in order to control the flame you must be able to focus. Start by sitting down in a quite room. If you’ve meditated before you might want to skip ahead but for those new to it I’ll go over what to do. So once you’re in a quite place sit down and get comfortable.

Take a few deep breathes to relax then go back to your natural breathing. Focus on your breathing but don’t alter it, focus on how your lungs are expanding and how the body reacts. You want to be in tune with your body’s movements so focus on all the little things. Don’t fall asleep or let your mind slip from the job at hand. Just focus, after 5 or 10 minutes if you feel completely relaxed and in tune with your body you can move on to the next step.

pyrokinesis training for beginners

Pyrokinesis Training Method #2 – Visualization

You’ve probably heard about visualization before, the phrase if you can see it you can achieve it and similar adaptations have become popular among a lot of motivational speakers. It’s true in a sense, the first step to a goal being reached is visualizing yourself doing it. It’s the same with learning pyrokinesis as a beginner; the first step is in your imagination. Whilst still in the focused, meditative state start to picture a small flame in your mind. I like to use a candle for example but it can be in any form so long as it’s small. Now reach out and visualize yourself placing your hand on the flame. Feel the heat of it on your hand, really concentrate on that aspect. If it’s your first time doing this I would stop at this point and feel your hand. if it’s very warm then you know you’ve channeled enough energy into the meditation to actually modify the temperature of your hand. If it hasn’t changed though keep trying until you’re able to heat up your hand.

Once you’ve mastered that aspect of the meditation you can move on to visualizing moving the flame. to do this simply get into the meditative state once again and begin focus on a flame in your mind. now hold out your hand and feel the warmth but don’t touch the flame. Imagine lines connecting each of your fingers to the flame, with every subtle movement the flame moves ever so slightly. Get it into your mind that you are in complete control. You can move the flame at will. Once you’ve done that a few times you can start practicing with an actual flame in front of you. But be careful, as I’ve said a few times pyrokinesis is a dangerous ability and requires a lot of practice. So make sure you have the right safety provisions at hand in case something goes wrong.

I know this article was only short but as I stated these are just some pyrokinesis training methods for beginners. Once you can control your body and mind you can learn psychic abilities. If you’re looking to take another step forward in learning pyrokinesis, check out the eBook available in our store.

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